Friday, August 14, 2009

Where to get tracts

Folarin Folabi Sunday
NW4/16 Salvation Army Road

Evangelism through tracts

Evangelism is a great commission that our lord jesus christ sent his disciples to do after his departure on earth and whoever claim to be a christian must take evangelism serious especially in this last days which we are. Evangelism has taken a new dimension from house to house,morning cry,crusade,revival,group to tracts and literature distribution. This has brought sinners more closer to the cross and to a greater extent reduced the increased rate of persecutions though we cannot but get persecuted by devil and his cohorts on this wicked planeth. Tracts has made it possible for evangelists to travel to the remotest part of this world - where christ might not have been preached in the next 100 years - without leaving their room. Are you an evangelist with the call to service and annointing? Do you crave for revival and repentance in this last days? Are you willing that souls should be saved? Then tracts distribution is the solution.